who’s rob?

click on robvischer.com to find out…


9 thoughts on “who’s rob?

  1. Hi Rob, I met you @ Bigbe’s in Jax. a couple of weeks ago. I have a daughter who lives in Ft. Wayne who is a Music Therapist. I bought your CD, which I enjoyed. My daughter listned to it and I asked her who the music reminded her of. Her reply was “Jack Johnson Genera”. She and her musician husband enjoyed your music.

  2. You came into my store and told me you were here to sing me a love song. I really wish my boss would have let you do a song, but alas thanks to youtube I got to hear you. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Rob! Great jingle ~ good luck on the contest, wish you all the best!
    I met you at Veach’s a few weeks ago, really enjoy your style. Glad to hear that your CD is selling well and you have more shows booked. Congrats! Reminder that I’m a graphic designer specializing in the music industry, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help promote your music. Press releases, press kits, CD design and production, etc., etc. My job is to help you succeed at yours! 😉

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