Why I Quit facebook!


Facebook. It’s a mammoth success, right? The behemoth, the Goliath of all social networking sites. And yet… I hate it. Keeping up a personal page on facebook is like having hundreds of acquaintances, who you haven’t seen in years, march into your living room and throw concert flyers and invitations to board game parties on your carpet. While it’s not the worst thing that could happen, it’s still annoying.

Getting a notification on facebook is like getting an envelope in the mail that looks important, then disappointedly realizing it’s a birthday card from your dentist reminding you to schedule your six month appointment.

Farmville, Zynga, Wheel of Fortune, Mystery Balls of Magic Trickery, Little Castle, MOB Pursuit, Killer Rodents with Diabolical Deathmen Concert event, Graduation Party invites from someone you’ve met once, Farmville 2, blah, blah, blah. Notifications never stop even if you try to block them because they’ll come out with Wheel of Fortune 2.1 or Farmville Gangster Style… Facebook, unlike the iphone, sports apps and games that suck. Who wants to waste their life away by taking care of animals on a fake farm and even spending real money to buy those faux animals?

I’m not sure what drives a worldwide population to participate in a world full of virtual poking, mass invitations, and chatting with people who they’d never pick up a phone to call. I know my ideas sound old-fashioned. I mean, real face to face relationships that aren’t interrupted every 2 minutes by a mobile facebook notification? Crazy.

I recently saw a new made-for-tv Facebook ad. The narrator verbally jumped in by modestly comparing the book of faces to a chair. Then the comparisons became more grandiose. A concert hall, a country, the universe. The universe? Am I missing something? Maybe facebook is the product of the wanna be rock star generation. Maybe facebook inc.’s view of itself stems from the hyperbolic importance many of their youthful population places on each moment of their own lives.

We document everything. We take pics of the places we’ve been and upload them to instagram. We think up hilarious quotes and zoom them to twitter. We make stupid videos and place them on youtube. It’s like we’re living in denial. Not everyone can be famous. Not everyone should be famous. And not everyone should want to be famous.

Don’t misunderstand. Our lives matter. We’re not just cogs in the assembly line of life, and I don’t hate everything about facebook. I like the ability to find people, email them, put a post on their wall, and I loved being able to share pics and videos. But one thing I noticed right before I quit facebook was that I started depending on facebook to meet my music needs and make my music connections. I started trying to network through facebook, promote through facebook, and get famous through facebook. It started eating up way too much of my time. Then one day God whispered, “Give up facebook. Let me be your manager, your booking agent, and let me make your connections.” So, after making sure it was Him, I did. And within this last month, God has given me more favorable connections with songwriters and artists than I’ve made in the last three years.

A few Sunday’s ago I stood up in church to share my testimony. “I have good news for you,” I said. “You don’t have to make it happen.” I told them that God had directed me to quit facebook and trust Him for success. After the service ended, as I put on my coat, a younger guy gave me a handshake and congratulated me saying, “Welcome back to the real world. I think you’ll like it here.” And I do like it here. I really do.

P.S. If you read this because of a wall post on my facebook music page, I understand why you think there might be some hypocrisy involved in this blog post.  I was led to quit my personal page. My music page is much less time consuming with no unnecessary invites or notifications.

Visit my regular website and hear my music at robvischer.com


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