Redeeming Love: The Best Novel of All Time

Blogging… I haven’t done it in a while for a few reasons. 64 hour work weeks, time with my wife, and music. I’m shoving all of that aside for a few brief moments to share with you the most inspiring book my mind has ever devoured. Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love. Seven years ago, I read it in two days. Three days ago, I picked it up again after one of the girls that my wife and I work with accidentally left it on a coffee table. It was better than I had remembered, and I read it again in two days. Two days. All 466 pages, including the author’s note at the end.

Redeeming LoveI love this book. If there were ever an Holy Spirit inspired work of fiction, this is it. I was on the edge of tears many times, but since my wife and I read most of it aloud, I tried to contain the emotion so that we could finish the book quickly. The pages in that book will inspire thousands of songs, books, works of art, and life changes. I can’t get over how she engraved my memory with images of characters that I will never actually meet. It’s not just a book. It’s a revelation of God’s love, and I urge you to dive head first into it’s pages.

I plan on writing a soundtrack for this book. To help me out, comment and tell me some of your favorite moments from Redeeming Love.

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One thought on “Redeeming Love: The Best Novel of All Time

  1. Redeeming Love is my FAVORITE book of ALL TIME. Several years back I was at a point in my life where there was a certain guy I liked – and became extremely confused at where God wanted me to be in my walk with him. Out of a blue a girl I had barely known came over and gave me this book – she said it was screaming at her when she was in the bookstore – she loved reading it and knew I needed to read it too. That book changed my life! It was at the part where God tells Michael that Angel worships him and not the Lord is where I broke down. I knew what I needed to do in order to get my life right with God. Without my friend or Redeeming Love, I might still be in love with that loser.

    I will without a doubt be the FIRST to buy your soundtrack for this book!!!!

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