Decisions change your life forever. Whether it’s subtle, like deciding to cut your portions in half at every meal to lose that muffin top, or more drastic, like a snap decision to marry the girl or guy you’ve only known for three days, decisions, whether good, bad, or seemingly neutral, will change your life. Some will elevate your confidence and success to unprecedented levels, and others will deliver the stiff uppercuts that leave you wounded and reeling.

Decisions come in all sizes- where to live, what to believe, who to marry, how to dress, and what to eat for breakfast. Some seem like “Eh, no big deal,” and others seem to have a certain weightiness to them, like once we throw them on the teeter totter of life, they’ll be like the fat kid that no skinny twig would ever wanna teeter or totter with.

How do we decide on the “big ones,” especially when there’s so many options? I mean, we no longer move 10 miles a day by horses, mules, and covered wagons, and not many of us scavenge for rabbit meat and wild berries. We have jets that’ll take us anywhere on the globe in less than 2 days. We have WalMarts that give us twenty different choices of chicken. We have single malls that hold more stores than most of downtown Chicago. We got options! Even for the big decisions.

Last week, on the way back home from church I wondered, “How long will we really be at Wabash Friends Church? When will we stay in Wabash, IN until? There’s so many more cities that I want to live in and see. Will we move to Ohio, Michigan, another spot in Indiana, or maybe Kansas City or even California?” My ponderings picked up the pace, “Will I be a worship pastor, or will I travel all of the time? Where will Jo teach? Will she teach? What grade will she teach? Which state is hiring teachers?” And on… and on… and on… If I would have continued with the “Which’s,” “What’s,” and the “Where’s,” it would have been paralyzing.

Thankfully, the Lord holds the center of these conversations. While I’m questioning each of these things for myself, I’m also asking the Lord for His answers. And even as I’m writing this wondering how He’s going to answer and where Jo and I will go, He keeps leading me back to simple steps of obedience that I need to take right now.

As far as the specifics of my future go, I’ll continue to ask God and plan with wisdom, but I don’t have to know how it’s all going to turn out. If I ever had childlike faith, it’s probably right now, because like a child, I have lots of questions. Although most seem unanswered right now, I know for a fact that I have a good Father. If I ask for food, He’s not gonna hand me gravel. And if I ask for direction, He’s not gonna leave me in a cloud of confusion.

Within, the last two weeks I’ve realized that every decision will change my life. That’s why I’ve made the best decision of all. I’ve chosen to ask God continually to reveal the meaning of His written Word to me. And whatever He says to me through Scripture and through the daily guidance of the Holy Spirit is the truth that I’ll line my life up with, no matter what the cost or consequence.

So, God has spoken to me. He didn’t answer any of the questions that I asked Him. He told me to go do something small. It’s not really the answer I was looking for, but I’m gonna go do it. And who knows, maybe it’ll lead to all of my questions being answered, but if not, I know that one Word from God not only can change my life, but it will change my life.

So, from now on, how will I make big decisions without feeling paralyzed by a huge amount of options? With small steps of obedience. And I’m off…

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