Full-time Side Jobs?

Unless Apple invents an app that adds six hours to every day, or unless you happen to be a crossbreed between human and energizer bunny, for mere mortals, no full-time side jobs will ever exist. My make-believe “I can do everything at once bubble” once again popped in spectacular fashion this week as I realized that any full-time job- 40 hours and up- is going to bite a stupendous amount of time out of a seven day week, leaving my music career with only the crumbs that fall off the timetables and schedules of my life.

To be perfectly honest, my new job is great! I work with 14-17 year old guys in a group home type setting for rehabilitation. It’s challenging, rewarding, and is centered around relationships. The only issue? It’s not music.

I have what some musicians call “the curse” or “the itch.” It’s this unexplainable draw that keeps singers singing and performers performing even if it drives them to poverty. Fortunately, it’s not just music’s addictive nature that demands my attention. I love songwriting because at the age of 16, God said, “You’re a songwriter,’ so for me, it’s a call I can’t ignore. I literally desire to write songs during most of my waking hours.

Over the last year, I’ve been bombarded by people asking me to be a part of this sales company or that multi-level marketing scheme or this business or that get-rich-quick opportunity. Most of them promise things like, “You can do this for a couple years and your music career will be funded for life!” or “Just do this as a side job… Then you can fund your music career.” The problem? If I need something else to fund my music career, music’s not really a career. It’s a hobby. I’m not satisfied with music as a hobby. It’s not something I was meant to tinker with on my time off. It’s the blood boiling culprit that keeps me up until 3 a.m. poring over a single line of lyrics when I have to get up in two hours for work. It’s the reason I’m randomly late for appointments because I lost track of time while sitting on a chair for 10 hours humming melodies into my iphone.

I’m not obsessive about music. I’m not driven. I’m just asking God to steer my passion for songwriting onto a collision course with opportunities that will provide a good income for me and my soon-to-be wife. That’s all I’m asking. No more side jobs, God. You’ve given me the desire. Now I need a full-time job, a full-time job in music and songwriting.


2 thoughts on “Full-time Side Jobs?

  1. Hi Rob,
    I went on a Teen Mania mission trip to China with you in 2001. I was recently sharing with my son about that trip and got to thinking about everyone on the team. I was trying to remember the lyrics to Dream Girl, but couldn’t, so assuming that you were still writing music I looked for your page on Facebook, and while I didn’t find the song that I was looking for, I did listen to your other music and loved it! God has definitely gifted you and called you for this. Do you have a worship album?
    Looking forward to hearing more of your music!
    -Courtney Snailum

    • Hey Courtney! Wow! It’s been 10 years since that trip. Crazy how fast time flies. It’s really great to hear from you and that you remember “Dreamgirl.” That was the first song I ever wrote. Brings back memories.I do have a worship single out right now called “My Destiny” and it’s on itunes. I also have a worship song that comes out every week on worshipsongweekly.com . The main thrust of my writing right now is worship, and when you wrote this to me a couple of months ago, it helped confirm that I need to plan on doing a worship album. Thanks for messaging me. 🙂 Sorry it took a little while to get back. I just got back from my honeymoon, so I guess I found that Dreamgirl that I used to sing about. 🙂

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