Oversold & Underpaid

The title of this blog reminds me of a steel guitar-twanged country song about expecting too much and getting too little in return. And that’s exactly the mood this small fraction of the blogosphere is bound to wreak with.

Recently I found myself in a hole- a cellphone dead zone. I could still chit chat with my friends and relatives at any time without interruption, but the data plan Verizon boasted swam throught the airwaves like a paraplegic version of Michael Phelps- and that wasn’t winning any gold medals for my customer satisfaction. So, I researched and then switched to AT&T. To Verizon’s credit, a technical support agent quickly agreed to nix my legally binding two-year agreement and ended the conversation with, “If you’re ever in a better coverage area, we hope you come back.”

Happy ending? I think not. That’s where AT&T comes into the picture. My hours of research, window shopping, and sales talks led me to the conclusion that my new cradle of residence would be rocked by AT&T’s 3G data network. Not so, my friends. Once I unwrapped my pristine Iphone 4S and began flipping through Google searches, it only wrangled in a slightly faster signal than my old Verizon Iphone 4. Pissed doesn’t relay the accuracy of what I felt. More like, extreme disappointment and frustration. I threw at least 10 hours in the trash by calling AT&T stores, tracking down information, and ultimately driving a half hour away to grab my new prize of an iphone in Huntington, IN.

Let me be fair. Every employee at AT&T was extremely helpful, but the bogus data map still annoys me. On the coverage map my address looks like it’s in the epicenter of a 3G earthquake. Instead, my reception barely receives aftershocks. Will I stick with AT&T for two years? Probably. Out of necessity mostly. Will I go back to AT&T after my contract is up and there’s a Verizon Iphone 6 on the horizon. Not a chance. As long as Verizon is in the air, I’ll always remember their technical support guy who let me off the hook without a charge and said, “If you’re ever in a better coverage area, we hope you come back.” I will, Verizon. I will.

In the end, the companies that I’ll swim with are the ones who don’t oversell their product and underpay with their delivery. Treat your customers like you would want to be treated. It’s that easy. I know I terminated our first contract, Verizon. But in the words of another Terminator, let’s just say, “I’ll be back.” Thanks, Verizon!


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