God, Damn Religion

God, damn all these rules
God, damn all these lies
God, damn the monuments that keep you out of sight
Damn the wolf religions that wear a good disguise
That imitate a shepherd to herd us to a heist

God, damn the plastic beads we market as your pearl
Damn the twisted seeds we threw into the soil
Damn the moral codes that make us ornate caskets
And damn the lemming faith we follow without askin’

God, damn the fallacies we offer you as crutches
And damn the safety nets that shield us from your clutches
Damn the power games that sneak into the system
When we try to make ourselves the god of our religion

God, damn theologies that turn you into mammon
And damn prosperity that leads others into famine
Damn the dirty rags we hold up as your banner
Lead us to a kingdom where your love is all that matters

Copyright 2009 Robert Andrew Vischer


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