“Integrity is following through on commitments even when it hurts.”
– National Humility Award Winner… Rob Vischer.

I hope you liked my quote. I made it up all by myself. Well, that’s not entirely true. I formed the sentence, but the idea- well, we both know it’s not oozing with originality. I heard someone say once, “Originality is hiding your sources,” but since this is a blog about integrity, that kind of “originality” would really be hypocrisy.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I’ve lied to God multiple times. And it’s hopelessly true. My track record with God is worse than a politician that promises change and actually gets elected. If the pundits on FOX or CNN scrolled through a checklist of my promises to God and reported the delivery rate, my heavenly approval rating would dive into the doldrums.

Fortunately, God is merciful. And the people around me are too. But I don’t want to keep acting like forgiveness is their duty. I wanna take some responsibility. So this year, I’m committing to a few simple things. Most of them relate to my music career.

1. I will be on time or early to all appointments. I will call asap if there are circumstances beyond my control.

2. I will release 1 blog a week on Thurs. at 9 a.m. & 1 worship song a week on Wed. at 9 a.m.

3. I will begin and get halfway through the process of writing a book.

4. I will attempt to play at 1 church a week and at 1 venue a week.

5. I will workout 5 times a week if physically possible.

6. I will take my voice lessons seriously and practice 4 times a week.

7. I will practice guitar 1 hour a day.

8. 1 twitter feed a day around 12 p.m.

9. I will follow through on these even when it hurts.

Photo by Allie Goodrow

Yup, this aint a top ten list. The not so magical number “9” attains the prize of my blog’s limited spotlight. This year I’m also making a few secret commitments that are more personal and relational in nature. And by the way, it’s obvious- I’m not setting my sights unrealistically high. This isn’t the year where I’ll be striving for a record deal or publishing contract. This is my year to love God and faithfully steward the gifts He has given me.

Pandora fed me an interesting song with these lyrics: “These words are my diary screamin’ out loud.” I know this blog wasn’t super artsy or clever. I’m okay with that this time around. I don’t need to be crazy cool or super hip this year. I just need to be faithful.

It’s okay if I never win a Grammy. It’s okay if I never become famous. When I think of one word I’d like to associate my name with, it would be integrity.

This is the year of following through… especially when it hurts.

Oh, and since this is a blog about integrity… I never won the National Humility Award. If I did, do you really think I’d put it in my blog?


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