Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Tonight, I casually clicked through different web pages on my white Macbook laptop browsing for stump speeches by my favorite politician. I found something entirely different posted to my golden Congressman’s website- a Stanford commencement speech by former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Under the video it read, “In Memory of Steve Jobs 1955-2011.” After confirming the news of his death on google, I watched the speech. Millions have probably viewed this near-sacred single shot movie. The speech is both blunt and endearing in a “This is the new apple product” sort of way that made Jobs so famous over the last few years.

The Stanford audience nervously chuckled as he recalled how he dropped out of college and never went back. As he artfully weaved his story line through three points in fifteen minutes, I got a glimpse of what made him an innovator. He wasn’t tied down by critiques of him or his ideas. He had an idea. He created it. He innovated. Inspiring.

He ended his quarter hour long speech with a quote from Whole Earth Catalog, a famous publication from the 1970’s. “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” This quote is much more than a fortune cookie sized sermon from America’s favorite CEO. It’s the quote that helped put this white Macbook in my lap and that black iphone in my pocket.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. At a time in my life when the size of my ideas are far larger than the nest egg in my checking account, it’s a philosophy worth remembering… every time my iphone rings.

In memory of Steve Jobs.


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