Shhhhh… Listen… Do you hear the drone of mindless entertainment or over dramatic news programs pouring from your flat screen television in the living room? Is Itunes or Pandora marching its way through a list of artists on your laptop speakers? Or is there silence…?

If there is, there’s probably not much of it. Family members interrupt it with loud cell phone conversations muffled by drywall and insulation. Cars and trucks ruin it just by speeding up or slowing down on the road outside your house, and sometimes even nature rains on silence’s parade with the sounds of crickets and cicadas.

I’m not mourning the loss of silence in the world, society, or culture. I’m mourning the loss of listening in my every day life. Some of my friends look at me like I’m crazy when I say that I’ve heard God speak. They roll their eyes until I tell them one fascinating and mystical story after another. Today, I’m not going to tell you any such story because I need to spend some time listening. I merely want to encourage you to stop, to ask, and to listen.

The last few days, I’ve worked hard promoting my new music video. There will always be more promotion. There will always be more work waiting for me, but instead of pushing my way to recognition or success, tonight I will listen. God might be interested in showing me a way to propel my next album to the top of the Billboard Music Charts. One word or connection from God can make anything possible. Another possibility: He may not be interested in giving me any ideas for promotion tonight. I frankly don’t care either way. I want Him. I just want Him. And that’s why I have to say, “Goodnight.” 🙂


One thought on “Listen

  1. introspective food for thought for sure! Ive have found that when one asks or talks to god about a thing or even listens we really never hear no. I have always realized the answers are always, yes, not yet, or I have something better for your ; ). I think as we listen to the things around us and let the world speak to us in the newest and unique ways that it does it is up to us to decide, will it inspire or annoy, its in the spirit in which we listen, which will help us decide.
    Have a great day and good luck.

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