Ode to Ron Paul

“We have too much debt!” we all heard Ron say,
But Republicans laughed and went on their way.
“We like what he says, but he’ll never win.”
So they found a McCain, and tried voting him in.


Back up a second. What did Ron say?
He said, “A recession is coming our way.
Too many programs. Too many wars.
An unsecured border is leading us toward…”


Well, never mind, cuz the ending is sad.
I’m no alarmist, so don’t feel bad.


Healthcare & welfare are as good as reported!
Social Security? We can afford it!
Let’s fight Gadaffi! It’s easy to see!
Why fight two wars, when we can fight three?


Add twenty agencies and thirty more czars!
Give millions of dollars for old, junky cars!
Add ten more write-off’s if a company’s green!
We’ll pay for it all with our money machine!


“Borrow and print”- a heck of a motto!
Our country’s perpetually winning the lotto!
If China can’t lend it, we won’t be deterred!
We’ll find it on trees in the Federal Reserve!


Wait, hold on. It’s all tongue and cheek.
There is a point to the havoc I wreak.


Ron, you lost in 2008.
But you won by framing a nation’s debate.
As the radio plays in my old beat up car.
I hear, “We have too much debt!” on NPR.



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