Facebook Friends & Folger’s

Dear Amanda Lucas & Sandy McGarigle,

Tonight my friend David and I will finish the rigamarole of editing and re-editing a new music video/commercial we made about the romantic benefits of Folger’s Coffee. I can’t post the video or give away the storyline, but I can tell you that the idea was conceived after you two left posts on my Facebook encouraging me to enter a Folger’s Jingle Contest. Your thoughts were then confirmed through multiple friends and family members telling me, “Rob, you need to send in a video for the Folger’s Jingle Contest.”

I shrugged off your comments at first, and reasoned, “Just another contest to waste my time and energy on.” I’m sorry that I didn’t pay attention sooner. But by the fifth or sixth person, I started to think, “Maybe there’s somethin’ to it.” Throughout the last few years, I’ve observed that God often confirms direction through repetition, so if a thought or idea crosses my proverbial desk over and over, I’ll pray about it, and if I don’t spot any red lights, I’ll do it.

A couple of nights after you two posted on my wall, I tried my hand at writing a jingle. It came out easily like a baby born without contractions. A week or two later, I recorded it with my band in about four hours. Simple dimple!

The filming of it proved to be the most challenging. I bought props, merged my bands’ schedules, and posted needs on facebook. Maggie Jude, the owner of Salon Breathe in downtown Jackson, MI, volunteered her hip & trendy loft apartment, and I found out that she had access for us to film on the roof! David Buchanan and Jason Theide, two friends of mine, volunteered to help with the camera work.

Sunrise on the roof w/Ben & Allie

To catch the sunrise last Saturday, we heaved our gear up to a roof in Jackson at 7 a.m. and played our instruments in front of a camera for an hour and a half in temperatures that magically turn hands into feelingless stumps. Every time my drummer Ben stared at me, his eyes said, “I hate you right now, Rob.” Then the cameras would roll again, and Ben would smile with the convincing warmth of the sun. Allie, his wife and our bass player, just shivered. In fact, she shivered for 20 minutes after we descended into the warmth of the building’s staircase. I knew Ben would be okay, but I felt really bad about seeing a girl suffer. I’m happy to report that Allie recovered from pneumonia in only a few days. Just kidding… The doctors say she’ll recover soon though. No. For real: she never got sick.

After we nearly lost our limbs to the frigid air of sunrise, we took a quick peak at the shots we got… All I have to say is, “Beautiful!” They were so good even though it was so cold! We spent the next few hours piecing a storyline together and filming a table scene, a kitchen scene, and a bedroom scene. Woah! A Bedroom scene? What kind of Folger’s commercial is this? Don’t worry, Captain Conservative! It’s PG, not R.

Last weekend, I spent hours editing, watching, and re-editing our masterpiece. I love it now! It’s a beautiful minute long film! For the last two or three weeks, I’ve poured many hours into writing a jingle, recording it, and organizing people, places, and props for a film shoot. The best part about it is that so many people helped and volunteered. Tonight is the last night… Amanda & Sandy, thanks for getting the ball rollin’!

If we win the 25,000 dollar grand prize and an appearance in a commercial, it’s partly because you two cared enough to throw a suggestion my way. Thanks for taking a small amount of time to share your idea with me. It might payoff big! I’ll keep you posted.

Your friend,

Rob Vischer

P.S. To everyone who has ideas:

Amanda Lucas sent me this short message: “Hey just saw a contest you may be interested in entering….bestpartofwakingup.com Folgers jingle contest…just a thought…keep up your ambition, you inspire me”

Sandy sent this: “Do it, Rob :)”

If you have an idea for me, don’t be afraid of posting it on my facebook or commenting on this blog… Any idea is a good idea, and who knows? maybe you’ll plant the seed that grows into my success. If you do, I promise a lifetime of backstage passes. 🙂

If we make it into the top ten, you’ll be able to start voting online for our video on March 31st.


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