Neon Mistletoe…

On January 15, I went to the Best Buy in Lansing with my buddy Mr. Spice to buy speakers. While Spice was in the bathroom, I found a guitar, took a seat, and started playing my new song, “Neon Mistletoe.” This is what happened…

“Original acoustic music by Rob Vischer. I happened upon Rob at the guitar shop in best buy lansing mi. in january 2011. When I walked in the store rob was singing this song off to the side and no one else was around….I slowly wandered closer thinking wow! , that guy really sounds good. Well, when the song was over I couldn’t resist complimenting him and we struck up some conversation…Had a good time talkin with rob and ended up recording a couple of his tunes with my Iphone. Neither of us was expecting this to happen, but here they are! Great music Rob! Check out robs story over at its inspiring and interesting.”

Neon Mistletoe will be recorded this year!


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