Midnight Blog…

When the a.m. rolls in with a one-two-colon- zero-zero most people are snoozing while a new day begins. Today, I am not one of those people. Usually, I’d be tucked under my coffee shop colored comforter for two hours by now. Today, my mind races, and I’m not sure when it’ll burst through the finish line of my waking hours. Right now, I hope this blog will be therapeutic for me and for you.

To start, let me confess that I’ve had a rough time blogging this past month and a half. I’ve had way too much to say and not enough time to say it. Tonight, I’m doing my best to imprint large photos on the front page of your imagination. Instead of Time’s Top 100 pictures of the year, I’m presenting Rob’s Top 10 Mental Images. Here’s the summary!

Week Before Christmas- Filmed “Christmas Man.” It’s a real hit with people who enjoy watching masked men in speedos and skin tight spandex rap about Christmas. Let’s just say, it never made it to Youtube’s top 10. Thank God…

Christmas Eve- Barely got “Christmas Man” edited in time to spend Christmas Eve with my family. Also was going a little crazy due to sleep deprivation. In Meijer while I was buying Christmas presents, I could literally hear the chorus to “Christmas Man” playing over and over on the store’s Muzak station. It wasn’t really playing, but I heard it.

– Christmas Eve- While the food cooled quickly, my father told a 10 min. version of the Biblical Christmas Story. Afterward, my mom commented that the soup was a “little cold” while everyone except dad gave a quick smirk. Dad didn’t even notice.

Christmas Eve- Three sisters, two brother-in-laws, two nieces, a nephew, and my mom and dad all around the Christmas tree while the kids played “Santa Claus,” which means they pass out all the presents while none of us adults have to move an inch. The kids look at it as “a privilege.” I look at it as “brilliant…”

Christmas Day- I set a new Jenga record for the Vischer family right before setting the new record for tears cried while watching A Christmas Carol… and It’s a Wonderful Life. I needed more tissue paper than a proud parent at a graduation.

Random… A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, Groundhog’s Day, Life is Beautiful, and Slumdog Millionaire = Top 5 movies of all time.

Dec. 26 (My sister’s Birthday)- I still need to get her a gift. Hmmmm… During Michelle’s birthday party, Jonathan Campau invited me to hitch a ride to Kansas City the next morning and attend a three day long conference at the International House of Prayer. I politely declined, but I did hang out with him that night. That night he told me crazy stories of how God was working in his life. When I say, “Crazy!” I mean highly abnormal even to me.

Dec. 27- I woke up, called Jonathan, packed all of my stuff up in 10 minutes, and left for Kansas City without knowing how I would get back.

Dec. 28- Met and befriended a ton of people from Resound, a ministry school in Florida… We sang “My Valentine” to tons of people including a crowd on a street corner and to two restaurants full of people. I sold 10 or 11 cd’s in the first day.

Dec. 29- In a Starbucks full of people, I sat across from Kevin, a guy who easily told me the things about my life that I had never shared with anyone. He touched every deep issue in my heart with such love and compassion. I held back tears through most of the conversation. Afterward, he walked me into the International House of Prayer bookstore to make sure I picked up Seven Longings of the Human Heart.

Dec. 30- God broke into my life in a variety of ways. I realized for the first time that God doesn’t just love me in an abstract way. I also found out that God doesn’t want to use me just so He can get something out of me. God enjoys me. God enjoys me. God enjoys me! He enjoys me!!! An absolute turning point. I spent twelve hours weeping, singing, and reading as wave after wave of God’s love swept over my body.

New Year’s Eve- A New Year’s Party like no other! Click below to see what I was doing on New Year’s Eve.

Nothing magical happens at midnight.  At some point in history, humans set that time aside for the date to change. Holidays aren’t much different. They’re just days that we decide are special. At the beginning of this holiday season, I was so caught up in my own “Christmas Man” video, that I forgot about Jesus. On Christmas Day, God began to soften my heart through It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. Then I visited Jonathan, and God made it clear that I needed to go to Kansas City. While I was there, God showed me glimpses of His beautiful heart. When 25,000 people ended the ten second countdown to “Happy New Year!”, I realized I was already a new man. Midnight didn’t change me, but it was the moment when I thought, “I’m free. I’m finally free.” Everyday, even today at 2 a.m. in the morning, I remember these words:

“No one else can love you like I love you, Lord. I was made unique in your heart. I was made to bring you praise. Now I have a purpose. Now I have a destiny. You’ve made me for your glory. You’ve made me for your glory. I was made for love.”

In one week, God changed my outlook on everything… In the three weeks since, He’s changed my habits, my thoughts, and my direction. More on that tomorrow. Goodnight! 🙂 And since I never addressed the holidays in any of my blogs, the least I can do is say, “Happy New Year!”


3 thoughts on “Midnight Blog…

  1. Thanks for your story – uplifting and encouraging truth that inspires me too! You’re doing the Body of Christ thing!

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